Steve Jobs once said, “[Design is] not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” He was talking about Apple products, but the same applies to interior design, especially when it comes to small spaces. How can we decorate small spaces to look beautiful but also function well? Here are ideas for doing just that in your kitchen and dining area, bathroom, living room, and bedroom.

Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen is the heart of the home! But with all the fun gadgets and practical tools to store, it can get messy. Here are some easy ways to spruce up your space without adding clutter:

  • Use stylish placemats so setting the table counts as decorating!
  • Use a nice fruit bowl to turn your produce into a focal point.
  • Use cake stands and platters when storing supplies on the counter. It’s stylish and helps you stay organized.


Bathrooms don’t need a lot of space to be functional, and smaller bathrooms actually leave a ton of room for creative interior decoration! Here are a few ideas:

  • Use removable picture hanging strips to hang canvas art and framed pictures.
  • Use up the vertical space to make a gallery wall!
  • Use bins and baskets for stylish and functional storage.
  • Add a hanging mirror to the back of the door to make the space feel bigger.

Living Room

The living room might offer the most freedom when it comes to interior design. All you need is a place to sit, and then the sky’s the limit! Check out these ideas for making the room look put together:

  • Keep your color palette tight. Feel free to be colorful, but limiting the number of colors makes the room look more organized and spacious.
  • Use storage ottomans for seating, footrests, and keeping the space free of clutter.
  • Consider using two smaller coffee tables instead of one larger one. This is helpful for traffic flow and makes it easy to change the floor plan when needed.


The bedroom might be the most important room to keep looking organized and put-together. It’s a place to feel peaceful as you wind down for sleep and start your day on a positive note. Here’s how you can make a small bedroom feel cohesive and organized:

  • Use under-bed storage totes to tuck away items you don’t use very often.
  • Get creative with your nightstand. Try using a slim laptop table, a softa table behind the bed, or stacks of books.
  • Place an area rug under the bed to provide a visual anchor in the space and to tie the color palette together.

Let’s make our homes both beautiful and functional! Try some of these ideas for making your kitchen and dining area, bathroom, living room, and bedroom places you love to be.