Did you know that almost three-quarters of renters have pets? It can be hard to find a pet-friendly apartment, but once you do, it’s oh so fun to have a furry friend as part of your family. 

So how do you make sure you are living your pet-friendly apartment life to the fullest? Give your pet plenty of active time, create a space just for them, and get to know your community’s policies and amenities. Following those steps, you and your pet will be as happy as can be.

Give Them Plenty of Active Time

According to FETCH, “up to 50% of dogs in the U.S. weigh too much”? And sadly, “like people, overweight dogs are at risk for health problems, from arthritis to heart disease.”

Luckily, there are plenty of things to do inside an apartment to help your dog or other furry friend get plenty of great exercise. For dogs, you can do obedience training—which works the body and mind—and play games like find the treat

For cats, it can be a little harder to help them get the exercise they need. Be sure to set aside a few minutes a day for structured exercise time. Get a laser pointer, some toy mice, and a tantalizing bit of yarn to get your cat’s attention.

To fully enjoy inside time, it’s important to get outside time, too. If you start with your cat as a kitten, they may actually enjoy taking walks with a harness on! And dogs, of course, are famous for loving walks. Find a dog park nearby to help your dog use up some of their social energy, too.

Create a Space Just for Them

Do you ever come home from a long day and just need 10 minutes alone to reset? Your pet might relate to you! Often, they need just a little time alone when they’re sleepy, irritable, or just feeling like people are in their personal space.

“It is important that [pets] have a space to go when they feel these emotions,” says the Humane Society of Macomb. “It’s best for owners to give pets their own area rather than allow their pets to take out their frustration on other people or animals.”

Find a spot in your apartment—it doesn’t have to be big—that your pet can call their own. Try to make it comfortable, quiet, out of direct sunlight, and personalized to your pet. That way, when they feel overwhelmed, they have somewhere they know they can go to reset. 

Get to Know the Policies and Amenities

Before you move into a pet-friendly apartment, make sure you know all the policies regarding pets. That will allow you to plan ahead and ensure you and your furry friend can settle in nicely. And be sure you know about your apartment complex’s amenities! Here at Avignon Apartment Homes, for example, we have a pet-washing station for pet owners to use. It’s a fun and convenient way to get that coat squeaky clean!

Take advantage of your pet-friendly apartment by giving your pet plenty of active time, creating a space just for them, and getting to know your community’s policies and amenities. And if you’re looking for a place where you and your pet can live in peace, Avignon Apartment Homes is a pet-friendly apartment community in Fullerton, California. We have one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments ready to be leased. Learn more here.