We all love our pets, but it can be hard work to clean up after them! One minute your apartment is spotless, the next it’s totally covered in animal dander and hair. Here are four helpful tips to keep your place from becoming a fur kingdom.

Brush Them Regularly

Those beautiful, soft coats have a downside: the hair! If you have a labradoodle or a sphynx cat, you may not be able to relate, but some furry friends shed a lot. Keep a regular cleaning and grooming schedule to help your pet stay comfortable and healthy while also reducing the amount of dander and hair in your apartment. Dedicating times a few days each week can make a huge difference.

Make White Vinegar Your Best Friend

It’s not an old wives’ tale: white vinegar really is amazing for removing unpleasant scents or stains from your carpet. It’s cheap and easy to use: just pour some in a spray bottle and cover—but don’t soak—the stains. Then, let it dry. You’ll be shocked at how well the vinegar picks up those pesky smells!

Use a Lint Roller 

Vacuums are clearly a must, but a lint roller can go a long way! It’s a cheap and quick way to clean up pet hair when unexpected guests show up on your doorstep or you need to hop on a conference call. Lint rollers are a handy tool for any pet owner!

Get out the Baking Soda for Pet Beds

Here’s a tip that’ll save you some grief: when buying a bed for your pet, make sure that it comes with removable, machine-washable covers. That way, you can throw the cover in the wash or hand wash it using a mild soap or normal detergent. To up the ante, add a cup of baking soda to the wash mix. Just like white vinegar, baking soda is an amazing tool for neutralizing odors and a good antibacterial agent. 

Pets may smell and shed, but we love them just the same! With these four tips, you can keep your frustration down and your apartment clean.