What comes to mind when you think about Thanksgiving? Turkey? Roasted potatoes? Stuffing? It’s enough to set your mouth watering—and your nerves breaking when one of your needed appliances fails to turn on.

Unfortunately, a faulty appliance can ruin a good holiday meal. In a recent survey of over 381,000 appliances, Consumer Reports reported that 6 percent of respondents had problems with cooking elements not working, while another 5 percent struggled with refrigerators not cooling properly, and 11 percent reported dishwashers not cleaning properly. 

A broken appliance doesn’t need to ruin your holiday celebrations. Here are three holiday home maintenance tips to get you through the season.

Conduct a Deep Clean of Your Kitchen

If you’re having people over this year, the group is going to be very small, but you’re also going to be cleaning your house top to bottom. Don’t leave your appliances out of this wipe down. Clean the coils behind your refrigerator (they’re probably covered in dust), clean the oven and stovetop, and run your dishwasher for a full cycle with nothing but a single cup of white vinegar on the top rack. Keeping everything clean will improve your appliances’ ability to function properly.

Test Your Kitchen ahead of Time

With everything clean, it’s time to take your kitchen for a spin. Weeks before your holiday dinner, try baking something—a pie, a casserole, whatever you fancy—and use each of the burners on the stove top. Make sure everything cooks evenly, and run the dishwasher to make sure the dishes all come out clean. If you notice anything amiss, you’ll have plenty of time to get it fixed.

Call in the Maintenance Team

If, during the previous steps, anything went wrong, now is the time to right it. And you’ll be best off calling a professional in to do it.

At Avignon Apartment Homes, we want your home to be a place of rest, not stress. Whether the freezer has begun to leak or the oven doesn’t heat the right way, we want to know about it. Simply visit the Avignon Apartment Homes Resident Portal and submit a work order, and our team will work on fixing any necessary issues. We’ll make sure everything is in working order before it’s time to put the turkey in the oven.

This holiday season, get ahead of kitchen snafus before they can damper your celebrations. Follow these holiday home maintenance tips and you’ll be sure to get through the holidays just fine.