We have amazing local restaurants near Avignon Apartment Homes. From casual diners to fine dining, there are so many options. So we narrowed it down to three of our favorites for Mediterranean, seafood, and tacos: 

Adana Grill

For healthy, delicious food, Adana Grill is a can’t-miss option! They serve Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine using seasonal and local ingredients. 

According to their website, Adana is a city in Turkey that is the home of the kebab! True to their name, the restaurant serves lamb, chicken, and beef kebabs. You can also order doner bowls, Mediterranean salads, and shawarma. And for dessert, there’s a choice of Turkish baklava, pistachio rolls, or rice pudding. Check out Adana Grill at 1105 S. Euclid Street in Fullerton!

Fish Daddy Grill

In Fullerton, we’re so close to the coast, and one of the many advantages of that is that our selection of local restaurants features amazing seafood. So you’ll want to check out Fish Daddy Grill at 231 N. Euclid Street. They’re known for their grilled fish, great prices, and friendly service. Here are some favorites from their menu:

  • Simply Grilled Atlantic Salmon
  • Fried Catfish & Shrimp Combo
  • House Salad with Mahi Mahi
  • Crispy Fish Taco

If you are not a fan of seafood or are vegetarian, and your friends or roommates want to give this restaurant a try, there are still options for you! There are pasta and salads and great starters and sides like sweet potato fries, grilled zucchini, and even beans for some protein. All delicious!

Esteban’s Family Tacos Taqueria

See if you can scroll down the Esteban’s Family Tacos Taqueria Facebook page without drooling. Everything looks just as delicious as it tastes! This restaurant is known for its great prices, fresh ingredients, and attentive service.

Head over to 2634 W. Orangethorpe Avenue #5 in Fullerton for sizzling chicken fajitas, pambazos, huevos rancheros, and menudo and pozole with handmade tortillas. Mm-mm!

Ready to find your new favorite take-out spot? Try Adana Grill, Fish Daddy Grill, or Esteban’s Family Tacos Taqueria to support local restaurants and up your dinner game. Let us know how it goes!

Photo credit: Adana Grill